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All students ages 18 and younger must be enrolled to attend classes. Drop-ins and Class Cards available for adults 18+ and enrollment is NOT required. A registration fee is collected with enrollment for Fall and Spring Semesters. The enrollment fee is waived for adult students. Tuition is billed monthly for the duration of the semester. 

2023-2024 Tuition Rates

Enrolled Students: Monthly tuition based on 4 weeks per month. Tuition may change each month due to the number of days in that month or holidays. Adults 18+ not required to enroll.  


1-2 dance classes per week-$23.50 per class ($94-$188 monthly)

3-4 dance classes per week-$22 per class ($264-$352 monthly)

5-6 dance classes per week-$21 per class ($420-$504 monthly)

7+ classes per week-tuition maxes out at $560 monthly

Body Conditioning-$14 per class ($56 monthly)


Trial Class:  A one-time trial class is allowed for all students. $24

Single Drop-In: Ages 18+. $24


Class Cards: Ages 18+ drop-in only. Class cards expire after 6 months from purchase date. 10% senior discount offered for ages 65+. 

5-class card $115 ($23 per class)

10-class card $220 ($22 per class)

20-class card $390 ($19.50 per class)

Registration Fee: One-time fee assessed for Fall and Spring Semesters. Registration fees not subject to Hawaii tax.

$36 one student

$72 two students

Registration maxes out at $100 (3+ students)

The rates above do not include 4.712% Hawaii tax. 

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