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Alexander Academy of Performing Arts

Alexander Academy strives to encourage an appreciation for the history and art of dance to fuel the inspiration for our dancers' training. We provide a nurturing dance class environment where students may obtain their maximum potential.  It is our mission to build confidence to children and adults through dance.

We believe that performance is an important component of any dancer's education. Because of this, Alexander Academy has its own nonprofit performing company, Alexander Academy Performing Company, providing Maui's student dancers with the opportunity to share their talent and skill onstage.


Our teachers have professional dance experience, excellent training and knowledge, and have a passion to teach that keeps the art form fun for our students. Our teachers inspire confidence and a positive self-image within our students, treating them as expressive individuals, while emphasizing the importance of a supportive community that cares for all of its members. In return, we expect cooperation, discipline, respect and dedication from all our students, parents, staff, and volunteers.

We are very proud of the studio we are today. We give immense credit to all members of our dancing 'Ohana.

Mahalo nui loa!


Our Story

Alexander Academy of Performing Arts was born in the 1990's with the dream of making quality dance training available to all in the community. The late Cynthia Murphy, founder, and her students realized this dream through a tremendous amount of hard work, transforming the “Old Kula Community Center” into a donation-based dance studio open to anyone who was willing to commit to the discipline of dance, regardless of their ability to pay full tuition.


Danelle Watson Keenan, executive director since 2009, expanded the school's ballet curriculum to include contemporary, jazz, hip hop, tap and more while maintaining the original dream and mission: to provide quality instruction and performing opportunities and make dance affordable to all students who are committed to the art form. Coming from diverse social, cultural, economic, and professional backgrounds, Maui students find common ground at the Academy. They range in age from three to seventy and have come from all over the island - as far away as Hāna and Kihei - to learn in a friendly, 'Ohana atmosphere.


Generations of dancers have passed through the same studio doors, sharing the art of dance from one family member to the next. In May 2017, Alexander Academy moved out of the Old Kula Community Center due to structural issues with the historic building. As of June 1, 2017, Alexander Academy has moved to Hali'imaile. 

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