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Dress Code

Please arrive to class with the correct attire and hair. Include in your dance bag your dance shoes and a full water bottle. To better take care of the Marley floors, dancers should keep street shoes on the street and dance shoes on the dance floor.​

Don't have dance attire? Visit our boutique!

Students can store their personal belongings in the lobby while taking class. Lost belongings will be held in the lost and found for a maximum of one month. If you think you have lost something, please inform the office at



**New this year for all Ballet Levels: Girls allowed solid colored or black (recommended) leotards. Boys allowed solid colored or white (recommended) snug dance shirts/tanks.


Hair: Girls-neat and secure Ballet Bun TUTORIAL HERE; Boys-neat and out of the face.

Pre-Ballet & Elementary 1: Girls-pink ballet shoes, pink tights, leotard any color/style (skirts ok); Boys-black ballet shoes, black pants, snug white dance shirt/tank top

Girls & Boys add tap shoes to Pre-Ballet attire

Pre-Ballet/Tap: add tap shoes to Pre-Ballet attire

Elementary 2: Girls-pink ballet shoes, pink tights, leotard (skirts ok); Boys-black ballet shoes, black pants, snug white or colored dance shirt/tank top

Character Dance: Girls-Elementary 2 attire: add black character shoes, full knee-length skirt (can be borrowed from the studio); Boys-Elementary 2 attire: add black jazz shoes

Ballet 1-5: Girls-pink ballet shoes, pink tights, solid colored leotard; Boys-black ballet shoes, black pants/tights, snug solid colored dance shirt/tank top

Adult Ballet: no dress code



Hair: Girls & Boys-secured out of the face

Contemporary 1-5: Girls-solid colored leotard, tan/black/pink tights, booty shorts with or without tights are acceptable; Boys-solid colored t-shirt/tank, athletic pants/shorts

Shoes: clean bare feet, socks, tan ballet shoes, or foot thongs

Teen/Adult Contemporary: Long pants and a top of your choice with socks or bare feet


Hair: Girls & Boys-secured out of the face

Broadway Jazz & Jazz Variety: Girls-black jazz shoes, solid colored leotard, tan/black/pink tights, black jazz pants, booty shorts with tights ok, No t-shirts/shorts; Boys-black jazz shoes, black jazz pants, solid colored t-shirt/tank

Jazz/Tap: Girls & Boys-add black tap shoes

Jazz/Heels: Girls-add 3” or greater heels with non-colored soles  

Hip Hop

Hair: No hair requirements

Hip Hop Minis-Hip Hop 2: Girls & Boys-comfortable clothes you can move in easily 

Shoes: INDOOR ONLY sneakers (not to be worn outside of class) with white or non-marking soles   


Hair: No hair requirements

Acting: Girls & Boys-comfortable clothes

Shoes-clean bare feet or socks

Body ConditioningComfortable form fitting clothing and a pair of ankle weights encouraged

Flexibility Technique: Comfortable form fitting clothing with a pair of socks  




Pointe Shoe Resources:


Boulder Body Dancewear

Virtual Pointe Shoe Fittings


Phone: 303-447-9100

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