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  1. Studio Etiquette: Students ages 9 and younger must be accompanied by an adult until class starts, especially if you arrive at the studio early. This allows the teachers to prepare for class. Children must be supervised at ALL times. AAPA is not responsible for unsupervised children. Please help keep the grounds and studio clean by picking up any discarded items. Turn cell phones off when taking class or in the studio. Photography and videography are NOT allowed during class to protect student privacy.

  2. Attendance & Makeups: Please make every effort to attend your class and arrive prepared and on time (10 minutes early). This will ensure your success and growth. Students arriving late must ask the teacher’s permission to join the class. Students will need to warm themselves up on the side and only join when they are warm to prevent injury. Instructors have the discretion to require a student to watch for the day if they are excessively late. Tuition is NOT refunded for missed classes. Make-ups cannot be scheduled online and must be scheduled with the office.  Make-ups are only available for the season in which the class was missed. Three make-ups allowed per season and one make-up allowed per month. 

  3. Illness: Please stay home if you are sick. Notify the office of your absence and schedule a make up class when you are well. Any student visibly sick will be removed from class and parents will be called immediately.  

  4. Drop or Switch a Class: It is your responsibility to inform the office you want to drop or switch a class. You cannot drop or switch a class online. Enrollment can be cancelled with 2-week written notice to the office via email. Unused tuition will be credited to your account, no refunds. There is a $5 change of class fee when switching classes. 

  5. Refunds: We have a no refund policy. 

  6. Parent Viewing: Parent viewing is limited and dependent upon the classroom. Classes in Studios 2 and 3 have limited viewing. 

  7. Dress Code: Please review the AAPA Dress Code and inquire with any questions 

    1. Remove all jewelry, including hair ties on wrists, before class to avoid injury and promote better concentration. 

    2. For all ballet classes, warm up pants are allowed for the first barre combinations. 

    3. No underwear or bras under leotards (sports bras ok). 

    4. Use deodorant for dancers 10 years and older. 

    5. Put your name on all your shoes. 

    6. No black soled shoes on our dance floors. 

    7. Keep all dance shoes clean and indoors only. 

  8. Student Behavior: All students will contribute positively to the classroom. Bullying or negative behavior is not tolerated and students displaying hurtful behavior will be removed. 

  9. Food & Drink: All students must bring a FULL water bottle. Our water cooler will not always be available. Please bring snacks if needed, no food in the classrooms. 

  10. Volunteering/Fundraising/Studio Support: Part of a student’s commitment to Alexander Academy is participating in volunteering and fundraising.   We will inform you of our fundraising and volunteering opportunities. A mandatory car wash fundraiser occurs in our Spring Semester in April. Every family with an enrolled student participates by purchasing car wash tickets. Tickets are added to each account on March 1.  Donation of supplies or snacks are welcomed.  

  11. Late Pick Up: A $1-dollar late fee for every minute that you are late picking up your child from class. This is applicable for the last class of the teachers’ day. Thank you for respecting the teachers’ time.

  12. Code of Conduct: We have the right to dismiss any student or family from our place of business if we see that an ethical code of conduct either from the student or family by disrespecting or creating a safety issue to our community. Dismissal will also result if any student and/or family is behaving in such a way that it materially interferes with the enjoyment of the class by other students, staff, and families. One warning will be issued and any unused tuition will be refunded if dismissed. 


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