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Becca Loevy

Becca Loevy is a dancer and teacher with a BFA from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. After working in New York and Europe as a professional dancer for a number of years, Becca traveled through Asia, South America, and the Middle East to explore different dance cultures, perform her own solo works, and teach her unique style of improvisation. She has worked with various choreographers, is a part of the Prison Yoga Project initiative, and is currently working towards a massage therapy licensure. You can find her amidst various types of people and animals, volunteer work, or just living as much as a fairy in a forest as possible. Her most recent dream is to become a coral reef. She hopes to make a difference with dance by calling more people to join her in alchemizing stuck energy through movement. She believes strongly that dance can be a catalyst for changing and healing how we interact with the earth, with ourselves, and with each other. 

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