a c a d e m y  e v e n t  c a l e n d a r

August 2: Fall Session Begins

August 7: Nutcracker Auditions

August 15: Discount Application Deadline


a c a d e m y  u p d a t e s


Nutcracker Auditions August 7th 1:30pm

Arrive early to fill out form and receive a number.

Audition fee-$10 (Cash/Check/Card)


Audition for Clara 1:30 pm. Specifications-Levels 1-5 and no taller than 5’.

Auditions for Levels 3/4/5 1:50 pm-Soloists, Featured Variations, Corps de Ballet  



Adult dancers Male and Females for party scene dance to be rehearsed Tuesday or Thursday mornings.   



Sign up forms for all other parts levels beginning to advanced ages 3-adult. 

These parts will be rehearsed during class, must be registered to participate.

Covid-19 Precautions & Policies

  1. Masks are required at all times at AAPA. Please contact Director with any medical exemptions. **subject to change with the times**

  2. Hand washing and sanitizing is mandatory upon entry into the studio.

  3. Please continue to physically distance yourself away from others.

  4. Please use the entrance at the back of building to enter. All children under 9 years old must exit at the back of the building so they are not exiting near the road.

  5. Parents please check for fevers.  When in doubt, stay home. 

  6. There will be no waiting in the studio. All dancers, parents and drivers must wait outside or in their cars until class begins.

  7. Only one family allowed in AAPA’s office at a time.

  8. Do not come to class if you are sick.

  9. Please abide by State regulations if you are traveling.

  10. These policies are subject to change.