a c a d e m y  e v e n t  c a l e n d a r

January 4th-June 3rd-Spring Session 

May 16th- Tickets go on sale-Eventbrite

May 31st-Memorial Day-Closed

June 5th-6th-Spring Outdoor Recital 

June 8th & 10th- Nathaniel Hunt contemporary master class

June 14-July 24- Summer session

August 2 -Fall schedule begins

August 7- Nutcracker Auditions


a c a d e m y  u p d a t e s

Master class with Nathaniel Hunt

Join Nathaniel for an intermediate-advanced contemporary class exploring concepts of circular energy, spinal articulation, intention, and transitional movements on June 8th and 10th 5:00-6:30pm.  Nathaniel’s contemporary class focuses on the awareness, quality, and growth of one's movement and artistic voice.

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Covid-19 Precautions & Policies

  1. Masks are required at all times at AAPA. Please contact Director with any medical exemptions. **subject to change with the times**

  2. Hand washing and sanitizing is mandatory upon entry into the studio.

  3. Please continue to physically distance yourself away from others.

  4. Please use the entrance at the back of building to enter. Only use the front entrance If you are older than 10 and have a class in studio 1. All children under 9 years old should exit at the back of the building so they are not exiting near the road.

  5. Parents please check for fevers.  When in doubt, stay home.

  6. Studio props, barres and surfaces will be sanitized after every class. 

  7. There will be no waiting in the studio. All dancers, parents and drivers must wait outside or in their cars until class begins.

  8. Only one family allowed in AAPA’s office at a time.

  9. Do not come to class if you are sick.

  10. Please abide by State regulations if you are traveling. Proof of a negative test is required AFTER returning to Maui from off island.

  11. These policies are subject to change.

ZOOM Policies

  • All students must be in correct level and age class.

  • Students must have space cleared in home space for safe environment

  • Camera should be on full body view so the teacher can help with training.

  • All students must be registered with Alexander Academy of Performing Arts

  • All accounts need to be paid for before taking class.

  • Any inappropriate or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.   

  1.  Current students, make sure you are able to log into your studio account. New students, please register for an account. Instructions to sign up are found below.

  2. Log in to your Studio Director account on the device you intend to use to take class and make sure your device is equipped with the ZOOM app.

  3. Sign up for a one time drop-in ($19.79) or monthly enrollment 

  4. Once you have paid for your classes, clink on the class you are going to take (hyperlink) and it will direct you the ZOOM app.

  5. Enter the password: Ohana2021

  6. Wait for the teacher to let you into the virtual class. 

  7. Dance and enjoy! 

  8. Remember that you will not be allowed into the class if it has not been paid for.